Mandala Non-Slip Cork Yoga Mat


Our best selling cork yoga mat is uniquely designed to provide optimal comfort with every use, while ensuring that you maintain the proper form with every movement. We use high quality recycled, natural cork and rubber on the top layer to provide each user with comfort and protection throughout their yoga or pilates session. The bottom layer is padded with recycled rubber to provide extra support and to ensure a non-slip surface with every use.

This mandala cork mat was designed by Anna Jankowska, an artist and fashion designer from Poland.
Anna’s inspiration behind this beautiful design. The word ‘mandala’ is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘circle. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it is a symbol that represents the universe and its energy. Mandala’s symmetrical, complex designs are used in mindful, meditative practice as each mandala is usually drawn with an intention and provides a focal point for meditation. We can understand mandala as a never-ending narration about balancing space, boundary and energy. The mandala and geometrical lines were drawn with the intention to keep a yoga practitioner concentrated and centered, but also cheerful and positive. The outline of the mandala is subtle, light to keep the practitioner more focused on space and energy than on the boundaries. Find Anna at: Instagram @themoodernist and

Take a look at the features of our eco-friendly and biodegradable yoga mat below:
⦁ Beautifully designed, with alignment & posture in mind, the geometric lines help you place your hands & feet properly to ensure correct posture.
⦁ Superior non-slip grip, especially when wet. No towel needed.
⦁ Made from 100% renewable and recyclable cork and rubber for an eco-friendly and biodegradable product.
⦁ Cork is antimicrobial, naturally eliminating bacteria, germs, and smells.
⦁ No PVC, no TPE, No PER, no glues, chemicals or any other plastics
⦁ Sustainably harvested and completely biodegradable
⦁ Zero harsh rubber smells.
⦁ Plastic-free packaging

Tip: Sprinkle or spray with a little water where your hands and feet go before practice to increase grip.

⦁ Topside: Premium, 3.5mm thick natural cork padding designed for optimal grip in any condition.
⦁ Bottom side: Comfortable, 1.5mm thick closed-cell, slip-resistant foam, free of PVC, plasticizers, and latex.
⦁ Density: Medium/Firm
⦁ Specifications: 5mm thick | 72″ x 24” | 5.5 lbs.

9 Unique features of our mandala cork yoga mat

Grippier with sweat
Our yoga mat has a cork surface with the ability to absorb moisture. So, you do not have to lie in the pool of your sweat or worry about sliding over it. It also protects you from any slips and trips during your postures and sessions. This non-slip cork becomes grippier when wet, and is impermeable to water.

Optimal thickness
This Mandala Cork Yoga Mat has 5mm thickness to provide your hands and knees accurate and ample support. The width also helps cushion without wobbling. It has an ideal surface for the right balance with comfort in all postures during your sessions.

On the mat alignment guides
You do not have to second guess your posture alignments anymore. We have created beautiful and functional alignment cues based on key alignment reference points. These cues help with accurate postures and alignment during yoga practice. The Mandala provides you with a focal point for meditation while keeping you cheerful and positive.

Our yoga mat is suitable for all shapes and sizes. Tall people find it hard to get a long yoga mat. Therefore, we have designed our yoga mat that is extra-long and wide with measurements of 72″ x 24″ x 5mm.

Our team brings you the best quality of non-slip natural cork from the farms of Portugal. It has the highest grade of durability than any other product. This cork then coalesces with our eco-friendly foam. Whether you are a novice or an intense yoga practitioner, our Mandala Cork Yoga Mat offers durability for all levels.

From sustainable farming
We take pride in the fact that not a single tree is cut down or harmed to harvest cork for our mats; rather, the bark is stripped by hand every nine years. The tree continues to grow, flourish, and reproduce more bark after each harvest.

Clean and germ-free
Cork does not mold or rot and stays naturally clean as it is a natural antimicrobial, which means it eliminates bacteria, germs, & smells. It provides a clean surface with a natural smell, & it is hygienic enough to place your body and face during yoga and Pilates.

Planet Friendly
Our mats are non-toxic, as they contain no harmful PVC, and are odorless. We are proud to bring you a product that is friendly to mother earth and its environment.

The mats’ natural ingredients allow them to be recycled and decomposed without producing any toxic waste. So, every breath you take on your Mandala Cork Yoga Mat is fresh and in tune with Mother Nature.

⦁ After sweating, lay the mat to dry, then roll & store.
⦁ Always roll CORK side out.
⦁ Never fold or crease your mat, roll it up loosely.
⦁ Store in shade and avoid long sun exposure.
⦁ Cleaning the top (cork/rubber side) of the mat is recommended once a week with normal practice. If used daily or for hot yoga clean the top after every practice.
⦁ To clean, simply wipe with a cloth, a little soap, and warm water and allow to air dry with the mat laying out flat.
⦁ Not machine washable.

At Livity, we care not only about creating the best performing sustainable yoga products but also playing a part protecting the environment. That’s why for every product sold, we give back 3% of sales non-profit organizations that protect our oceans and environment. We also package all of our products in 100% recyclable cardboard and kraft paper. It’s not just about offering better products, but also about creating a better world.


Vendor Information

  • Vendor Name: Livity Yoga
  • Vendor Information:

    Livity is using the art of yoga to heal the planet. We act as one with the Earth by reclaiming waste material, developing circular products, sourcing responsible goods, and designing durable gear made to last. More than sustainable, Livity sets the yoga industry’s highest standards for environmental stewardship and closed-loop production.

    I was born in Jamaica, where “environmentalism” isn’t a choice; it’s the natural way of life. I thrived in that tropical paradise. I used to swim in turquoise waters and snorkel among vibrant reefs. But over the years, I watched in horror as coral bleached, and fish disappeared. I began to find more plastic tangled in the reefs. My heart, my soul, and my island home were in danger. Climate change was clear back then – and it’s worse today. Livity started from my sense of climate urgency. Sustainability was my first goal. I sourced green materials, designed long-lasting gear, and used biodegradable packaging. But I soon learned “sustainability” isn’t enough. It’s a meaningless term. We need radical solutions to face the climate crisis, not hype words. So I started digging deeper. I researched ALL the Earth-first business practices…

    The circular economy uses resources over and over instead of throwing them away. It’s about designing products to be infinitely recycled, so plastic (and other materials) can be reused again and again. That got me thinking. Popular yoga mats are made with #3 plastic, which can’t get recycled. Many “sustainable” cork blocks have a plastic foam core, which also can’t get recycled. That’s how yoga gear ends up in the landfill. All. The. Time. That’s how it pollutes the environment and washes up in the colorful reefs back home.

    But not Livity gear.


    It’s our little circular economy. A clean closed-loop we’re building together with partners, producers, and you. We reclaim waste materials, design durable gear, invest in the environment, and collect old equipment to recycle again. It’s a Livity loop that creates sturdy yoga gear without drowning the planet in the trash. Every ounce of plastic we use gets diverted from the landfill by Terracycle. We upcycle it into high-quality yoga gear. We’re also working with them to develop new ways to upcycle other types of waste. Because we’re tired of waiting for someone to build the circular economy. So we’re building it with our community. You can read more details here, but the point is this: The Livity Cycle runs circles around sustainability. Our yoga mats and accessories make waste a thing of the past. Our sturdy gear can serve yogis for years and years. Durability is key to The Livity Cycle. Sure, we’ll break down your mat and reuse the materials when you’re done. But only after you’ve loved it for a lifetime. Our gear will never shed microplastics or wear down. It’s designed for decades of daily Downward Dog. Recycling is cool, but reducing and reusing are cooler. The whole circle falls apart if Livity equipment can’t stand the test of time.

    That’s what makes our designs so special. For example: We never mix plastics, which makes recycling our equipment much easier. Just one way our careful designs benefit both you and the Earth.

    Our goal is to heal the planet by reusing far more waste than we produce. The Livity Cycle isn’t perfect, but we’re closing the gaps and tightening the loop. We’re extending the usable life of plastic (and other materials) by using them again and again.

    It requires a lot of innovation. But Mother Earth, she’s worth it.

    Where I come from, Livity is the force that flows through everything alive. The eternal energy of life itself. To live with Livity is to be at one with yourself, your people, and your planet.

    The world needs Livity now more than ever.

    So let’s build this circular future together!

  • Sustainable Development Goals:
    Good health and well-being