What Makes Our Eco Basketball Unique

  • Made With TPU: Environmentally friendly Vegan material
  • Easy to grip texture providing smooth shots and passes
  • Non-Toxic, BPA & Phthalates Free For Kids
  • High Quality, Durable, long-lasting construction and materials
  • Size 29.5” for men ages 13+
  • Shipped From California
  • Better for The Planet & The Animals
  • Indoor or outdoor play

Sustainable Basketball Non-Toxic Material

Eco Sports’ full line of basketballs are designed with a protective layer ensuring both durability and long-lasting play. The vegan material in our signature layered design will hold up for countless hours of practice and in a variety of conditions. When the ball’s life is finally over, the TPU is biodegradable or Recyclable.

Where To Play

This environmentally-friendly basketball can be used in a variety of events, including pick-up games at the YMCA, high school games, and even practicing in the driveway by yourself. No matter the occasion, Eco Sports has created a ball that fills your unique playing needs, while also being eco-friendly.

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Additional information

Accessories Size

Basketball Men's 29.5" Size 7, Basketball Women's 29.5, Youth Basketball 27.5"

Vendor Information

  • Vendor Name: Ecosports
  • Vendor Information:

    Eco Sports is a sustainable sporting goods company. After its Founder, Troy Akin, couldn’t find any vegan, eco friendly sporting goods for a variety of sports, he decided to change that. With Global Warming, Animal Welfare, and a Less Toxic work environment in mind, Eco Sports was created. Eco Sports uses a Biodegradable, Recyclable, Vegan, material called TPU.

    This material is as durable and high quality as any pig or cow skin. Our initial products are focusing on leather intensive products like Basketballs, Footballs, Soccer Balls, Volleyballs, and Baseball Gloves. There are other non leather options available, but often times they are detrimental to our planet and the people making the fake leather such as PVC, PU, or Composite Leather.

    Eco Sports also only uses recyclable packaging for their products removing plastic wrapping from traditional packaging. Eco Sports is giving back by donating 10% of the profits immediately to plant trees across the nation on the consumers behalf. We have a goal of improving and evolving all sporting goods with a non animal product, improving our earth we all love and share, and giving back and partnering with many organizations doing the RIGHT THING.


  • Sustainable Development Goals:
    Good health and well-being Responsible consumption and production Climate action Life on land