Our Story

GoViably stemmed out of passion for the environment and all it’s living creatures by our founder Emily Eckert.  Born in India and raised in two vastly different environments, Connecticut – surrounded by clean air and woods, and Prague – a congested historic city, Emily absorbed a life of different cultures.  Her passion for animals and the environment was inside her from the beginning and after college was nurtured into a career in energy efficiency, renewables and sustainability.  Throughout her career Emily interacted with many  business owners. These conversations led to the realization that for many businesses, social and environmental responsibility was not yet in their immediate view.

The problem is… we, as a global society, don’t have 50 years or even 30 years to wait for all businesses to transform. That’s where GoViably comes in. Step by step we are determined to build a global sustainable economy, where businesses of all sizes have an ally to help them transform in a strategic manageable way so that customers can be confident in the businesses they support.

We all know the big businesses of the world who have all the resources they need to transform their operations and products should they choose to.  Small and Medium sized businesses on the other hand, have less resources, may not know where to begin, and may not be able to afford a large corporate consultant.  GoViably’s long term vision is to harness the power of technology to provide ongoing cost-effective sustainability solutions for businesses of all sizes. We hope to bring sustainable products within reach of more customers.

Together We Can GoViably

Meet the Team

Business Development and Consulting

About Us

Emily Eckert

Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Resident visionary. 

Degree in Global Economies, Human Rights, and the Environment from the University of Connecticut. 

Passionate about building a sustainable world, and an animal lover. 

Emily is the ‘Go’ in GoViably.

Sustainablity Certification

About Us

Jawad Jeaidi

Certification Dev & Lead Engineer

With years of experience in engineering and research and development Jawad is central to the GoViably certification.

He is the backbone to how GoViably ensures social, environmental and financial responsibility.

Jawad is the ‘Viably’ in GoViably.

Marketing and Communications

Finance and Administration

About Us

Joe Eckert

Chief Financial Officer

Certified Project Management Professional.

Previous Co-founder and CEO of a software development company.

Provides invaluable experience and expertise in business management.

Joe keeps the team paid and counts the gold.